Hundreds of new customers for a network of optician stores
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Hundreds of new customers for a network of optician stores

You don't need glasses to see the results of our cooperation. Hundreds of new customers, a new store and returning, satisfied customers.

How to be seen in a sector where good vision is the key topic? You can find an optician at every corner, so it's hard to get new customers. Šárka Kocandová runs a network of optician stores in South Moravia and Vysočina region and her goal is to achieve sustained growth of stores and satisfied customers who keep coming back.

Marketing strategy

We have projected and are implementing a complete marketing strategy consisting of a complex range of marketing tools and activities from visual style to online marketing and to regular communication with existing customers through loyalty programme and CRM system.  All these activities are based on the knowledge of customer needs, which we identified through our own marketing research. Thanks to a well-planned long-term communication campaign, the number of the customers of the optician network and its sales are continuously growing.

Visual style

The company needed a new visual style to convey its values, such as high level of customer care, use of advanced technological tools for the customers' benefit, etc. We have proposed a new concept that we use throughout all the graphic outputs, from website to outdoor advertising.

CRM system

The best customers are the ones who are loyal on a long-term basis. To reach this goal, it is necessary to cooperate with the customers, take care of them and communicate effectively. We have designed the concept of a loyalty programme "Klub Optika Kocandová" (Optika Kocandová Club) and we have set up a complex information and CRM system for the optician, which not only made the processes more efficient, but also enhanced the way the existing and potential customers are dealt with.

Online and Offline

We have created a new website and we provide search engine optimization. We also manage a PPC campaign on the Internet and a Facebook page. We ensure regular communication with customers in the same location as the optician stores through outdoor advertising, direct mail, event management, etc.  When it comes to the company presentation, we cooperate for example with a well-known singer Naďa Urbánková.

Optician Šárka Kocandová

Šárka Kocandová runs optician stores in South Moravia and Vysočina region. There are stores in Brno, Ivančice, Jihlava, Třebíč, Velké Meziříčí and Znojmo.

They say about us

We greatly appreciate our partnership with MARKETINGOVÁ KANCELÁŘ.CZ. It saves us money and we don't have to use the trial-and-error method. We are very satisfied with the production; all products and services are delivered on time and without any troubles. In addition to usual advertising activities we have also set up community marketing or CRM, which represent methods that attract new customers in a very effective way.

Šárka Kocandová
Owner of a network of optician stores
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