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We will provide you with an effective marketing and communication tools, used by top profitable companies.

Do you know the latest marketing trends and the marketing tools that really work? Don't let the competition outrun you and start using inbound marketing, marketing automation and other effective marketing strategies.

marketingové konzultace

Marketing strategies and audits

You can't reach your destination without an itinerary and a good map. Or at least you can't get there quickly and smoothly. That's why your company needs clear guidelines on its marketing strategy, telling you what to focus on and what to do exactly to target the right customers, sell them your products and services and increase turnover.

Good marketing strategy will give you clear guidelines to reach realistic business goals. The marketing strategy we'll set up for you will enable you to communicate with your customers in order to sell maximum services and products, to give you compact manual to develop your business, to strengthen your market position and to provide you with competitive advantage.

koncepční marketing

Inbound marketing

Can you attract your customers as a magnet? Use inbound marketing, one of the most effective marketing strategies today. Generally speaking, inbound marketing means that potential customers seek your company and the products or services it offers themselves, while traditional (outbound) marketing consists in active approach to and search for potential customers.

Traditional marketing relies on advertisement, flyers, billboards, spots etc. Advertisement is targeted to everybody with no differentiation while only a little portion of its audience is really interested in the product or service offered.

On the other hand, inbound marketing counts on people who themselves are interested in a given topic and are looking for a solution. That's why they are much better potential customers. The key principle is to assume the role of a partner helping others rather than immediately trying to sell something to them. What is essential is a high-quality, useful, interesting and valuable content that has the ability to attract people and to drive them towards the desired direction in their purchase decision process.
We offer you the design and implementation of a tailor-made inbound marketing system.

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Marketing Automation

Would you like to have an employee to communicate with people interested in your offer, to send each of them customized information, to assess potential customers' readiness and suitability for purchase and to pass the contact and other information about them to the sales people? And if he or she could do all that 24/7 without requiring any salary?

Marketing automation system can do it! We will help you plan and implement intelligent, effective and measurable marketing campaigns using software platform for marketing automation, which will make your marketing and sales more efficient.

marketingová automatizace

Marketing consulting

Do you know the latest marketing trends and the marketing tools that really work? Are you working on a new marketing strategy for your company and you would appreciate an independent opinion? Our marketing specialists and consultants can help you with it. We can come directly to you and together we can discuss current marketing issues, individual tactics as well as long-term strategy. Discuss your plans and current issues with us and we'll provide valuable advice, suggestions and experience.

Our suggestions to your decision are always based on our expertise and explanation of the current marketing trends. Contact us, and our specialists will see if they can be helpful.

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Regarding marketing, the positive thing is definitely the fact they forced me to think about these issues intensively. We discuss marketing know-how and I learn a lot this way, which certainly has a positive impact on my business. The specialists from MARKETINGOVÁ KANCELÁŘ.CZ help me to make clear which way to go in the business development and designed an advertising campaign that brought us dozens of new customers.

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