A reliable construction company also needs marketing
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A reliable construction company also needs marketing

Good reputation and references are the marketing basis of a construction company from Moravský Krumlov, OSP. We built the website and the campaign for towns on this basis.

For several years, the construction industry has seen a continuous decline and to keep the sales at least at the same level is not an easy thing to do even for a reputable company with a wide portfolio of services ranging from construction works and building materials store to its own concrete plant. The company targets at a number of groups, such as independent builders, local governments, production companies and other construction companies, who, for example, buy concrete or make use of transportation.

Existing marketing activities did not provide sufficient number of new orders and that led the company to realize it needed a marketing strategy that would work. We decided the construction company needed a new visual style, new website and online marketing, which it had not used so far. The company also needed to reach towns in its area to offer them construction works.


We have designed and created a turnkey website www.osp-mk.cz. We have tailored the website to the company's needs from the framework of a website (wireframe), to graphic design, copywriting, programming and regular update. We have also ensured search engine optimization through the use of high-quality texts. The website emphasizes the company strengths - tradition, reliability and good reputation based on the references from satisfied customers. The new website is clearly structured and conveys the company's benefit for potential customers in an effective way.

Online marketing

To improve the position of the site in the search engine results, we have prepared PPC campaigns both for Google and Seznam.  Moreover, we continuously upgrade and optimize these online advertising campaigns to achieve maximum performance. Online marketing campaign is furthermore divided into sections specifically designed for each field of the company's services, such as construction of family houses, roof construction, bathroom studio, concrete plant, etc.

Contact campaign

One of the target groups of the company's services are municipalities. To target municipalities in the area, we have designed and implemented a contact campaign. We have sent a package containing a useful tool and company information about OSP to the majors of the selected towns. During a follow-up phone call, we have learnt about their current need for construction works in their town and suggested to invite OSP to participate in the selection process. This campaign has gained wide acceptance and brought expected results.


What we did for OSP was a creation of a new visual style stemming from the redesign of the original logo.  Currently, we provide a complete range of marketing activities for the company, ranging from graphic design to production, including telemarketing, direct and indirect response mail or outdoor advertising.

OSP, spol. s r.o.

OSP Moravský Krumlov is a medium-sized construction company providing complete provision of apartment, civic and industrial buildings from the project to the realization of interiors.

They say about us

We are very satisfied with the work of Marketingová Kancelář.cz in a long term. They are able to help us with the small things like billboards and thery are also able to help us with the big things like new website. Thanks to their services and advice we are able to effectively use our marketing budget and get more customers than ever.

Vlastimil Kocanda
Director of the company
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