Remarkable increase in orders thanks to the Internet
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Remarkable increase in orders thanks to the Internet

How to become a leader in your business in the Czech Republic? Use high quality services, good value for money and add marketing that works − and here you go!

oekoplan Czech Republic offers two services related to energy management in building operation. The company produces Building Energy Performance Certificates and it also offers an original service called Energy Performance Contracting, which involves an analysis of points where a customer could save energy costs, and a proposal of implementation and financing of these efficiency measures.
New legislation opened up new opportunities on the market with energy performance certificates for buildings. Generally speaking, everyone who is building or reconstructing a house or operates an administrative building needs the certificate. But how to make sure that they have them produced by oekoplan?

Marketing strategy

A good marketing strategy greatly contributed to acquisition of a significant market share in the field of Building Energy Performance Certificates as it included a pricing policy proposal, proposal of internal processes for order handling, an organization structure proposal, a system to deal with company customers and mainly, efficient online marketing.

Web and PPC

We have designed and created a website we also administer - - and we also provide SEO and online advertising optimization (PPC). This website and its optimum publicity on the Internet has helped the company to acquire hundreds of new customers representing a four-fold increase. The project included complete website creation, that is a design, framework of the website (wireframe), web design, programming and website administration. 

CRM system

We have also cooperated on an implementation of a CRM system (customer relationship management), including the installation of necessary information infrastructure. CRM helped speed up the workflow and new customer acquisition, as well as make these processes more efficient.

Customer acquisition

The customers usually don't visit your website on their own initiative, at least not at the very beginning. To acquire new customers, we have also provided telemarketing, texts of sales offers and other things. A good offer should also be accompanied by a professional visual representation. Thus, we have also created a new visual style for oekoplan, which conveys the basic company values and its benefit for the customers.

oekoplan Czech Republic s.r.o.

Oekoplan Czech Republic provides services in energy saving. The services include production of Building Energy Performance Certificates and also an analysis and free implementation of efficiency measures.

They say about us

We have seen first results of the advice and work of our partners from MARKETINGOVÁ KANCELÁŘ.CZ in the sales activity already after two or three weeks and after three months, our turnover increased by approximately 30 %.

MSc. Bruno Vallance
Authorized signatory of the company
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