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Richard Kafoněk


"I have been helping companies on a long-term basis to develop a marketing strategy that goes like clockwork.

My aim is to help companies select effective marketing tools and their optimal setting.  In particular, I am passionate about efficiency and measurability.  Therefore my goal is to let every client know what they are doing, why they are doing it, how much to invest in a particular marketing strategy and what will be the benefits of such investment.

I specialize in marketing strategy and concept development, and online marketing. Web structure, UX, content marketing, inbound marketing and SEO are the terms I work with on a daily basis.

To me, marketing means a tool through which a company sells the value it offers.

I like working conceptually.  The same way a house is built from the base, marketing requires to be built on solid grounds.  Thus, at the beginning of our cooperation with a client, I conduct a detailed analysis of a current state, competition and desired goals. Only after these have been evaluated and synthesis has been found, I make recommendations.

I always say it's important to take marketing seriously and to approach it with responsibility.  Only then, when all of its tools fit and interact, it becomes a valuable investment, bringing new, satisfied clients."

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